Roxy Pro Biarritz Trailer- Female Surfing is SO MUCH MORE

Zur deutschen Version… Over the last couple of days the trailer for the upcoming Roxy Pro Biarritz in France has caused a lot of discussion all over the web. Here is my opinion. If you haven’t seen it yet here you go… Oh and don’t miss the funny „male version“.

I just started surfing last year and I fell in love immediately. Once back in Germany, land-locked and not able to surf, I missed it a lot. Watching clips online and getting more into the surfing lifestyle made it easier to deal with this „dry period“. So I started a surf and travel blog for German girls (something that is rather new) to encourage every girl, no matter her age, to start surfing because it is a great sport and I simply love it!

As I’ve learnt more about surfing, the lifestyle and the industry, it seems it’s less about the sport and more about hot chicks and cool dudes. But that’s not what I had experienced in the line-up…

Surfing is a multi-million-dollar industry and like many things in life it has a good and it has a bad side to it. This time Roxy, as the leading brand for female surfing, has simply gone too far. Enough is enough! Female surfing is SO MUCH MORE than what Roxy is trying to sell us in its ad for the Roxy Pro Biarritz. It is certainly not about bizarre shower scenes, soft-porn bed actions or product placement. It should be about world-class female surfing and inspiring  girls and women of any age to grab their board and to head into the water. It should be about real human beings.

Some have suggested not watching the contest and boycotting the Roxy brand by not buying its products. I have been looking forward to the Roxy Pro and I’m really excited to see who will win the tour this year. In my opinion not watching it would give the wrong impression and wouldn’t be fair to the competitors who deserve our support.

I am convinced many people are interested in female surfing and want to see more of it IN the water! Not in a bed, a car or on the beach…

What we can do is to raise our voices and tell Roxy that we don’t agree. That female surfing is SO MUCH MORE then what they have come up with! For more check this out!

I’m just a normal girl who loves surfing. So are most of us. Let’s focus on what really matters: surfing! Or to say it in Amanda‘s words: “Roxy, keep your misogynistic propaganda outta my line-up.“

PS: You can sign a petition if you like

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