ONE WAVE is all it takes…

Deutsche Version… Being a child of Carnival, grown up in Cologne, I love to dress up. And even more then that I love surfing and being in the ocean. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to combine both.It was #flurofriday with the guys and gals of #onewaveisallittakes. So we met up at 6.30am and took over Snapper Rocks in our fluro outfits.

OneWave is a non-profit surfer community that meets weekly to surf in the brightest colours and craziest outfits (swim, bodyboarding or whatever gets you in the water). It was founded last year by Grant and his mates in Bondi after he was struggling with bipolar. Since then, the OneWave Community is constantly growing and gets more and more (media) attention. I had to met up with them (at the awesome Sunhouse btw!!) to find out more about their project. The idea is to get attention and create awareness that there is such thing as mental illness. OneWave is up to fight the stigma that is associated with depression, anxiety or bipolar. It’s all about having a great time and to be surrounded by salty water and loving people. And from my own experience I can say that one wave really is all it takes to make me happy. And isn’t happiness what everyone is aiming for?

The idea now is to get the community to the next level by having more and more fluro fridays on different surf breaks. Therefore Sam took a trip to America and Europe to spread the word all over the world. There are now fluro fridays, not only at several beaches in Sydney but also in Byron Bay, Newcastle, Coolangatta etc..

And who knows maybe you’re up to start a fluro friday at your local surf break? Whether you struggle with mental stuff or know someone who has, it’s time to share the passion for saltwater & surf with others and to spread the word! Let’s show mental illnesses who’s boss and share our surf sessions on facebook or insta tagging #onewaveisallittakes and #flurofriday. How awesome would it be to have a fluro friday at the Eisbach in Munich? That would make this woman here proud! 😉

So go ahead fellas, grab your fluro outfits and get in the water!

Fluro Friday Bondi @soboimage

For more information check this out:

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PS: Please be gentle judging my writing, it’s not my first language… 🙂

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